Vision and Mission

The mission of Dixie Lee Baptist Church is To Know God through Worship, Discipleship, and Fellowship.

Worship draws us closer to God revealing how and where He wants us working with Him.

Discipleship increases our knowledge of God through regular prayer and Bible study, cultivating a personal relationship with Him, and teaching and encouraging believers to effectively serve God. Christian.

Fellowship produces a body of believers led by Christ and promotes accountability to each other.

We seek To Share His Love with others through Evangelism, Ministry, Discipleship, and Fellowship.

Evangelism inspires acting and speaking so that others may come to a personal relationship with Christ.

Ministry meets the spiritual needs of others through acts of Christian love – giving time, energy, and resources that others may know God.

Discipleship shares the knowledge and love of Christ so that others may come to Him. Mentoring and nurturing new believers produces strong and devoted disciples.

Fellowship involves supporting and being supported by fellow believers.

If you are seeking a place to call home, a place to serve God, a place to truly worship our Savior in spirit and in truth: we invite you to join us at Dixie Lee. We are a Southern Baptist church, affiliated with the Loudon County Baptist Association, the Tennessee Baptist State Convention, and the Southern Baptist Convention. We teach and preach the lordship of Jesus Christ, and we present Him as the only hope for our world.